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Tech War is an action game where we will be a special soldier who have a mission to destroy enemy base. You are starter in this game and you need le..
Circus Level Pack is an action game where we need help this guy doing a circus action in front of audience. Circus tools are available to be used. U..
Be Alien is an adventure game where we need to help this alien going out from the lab. Let's find a way for him and getting out there as he will be ..
Doyu Hexcontrol is a board game where we need to take control all hex. You need to finish all stage and getting win in this game. Use your logic to ..
Road so Far is an adventure game. Alex needs our help for going to the eternal cave in order taking a mysterious plant which only grow once 4 years...
Fishy Waters is a fishing game. Uncle sam is a fish hunter. He has enjoyed his life since he has been child. Our task is helping uncle sam in this g..
Trancendance - Prison Planet is an adventure game where we should help this guy to go out from this planet as fast as we can. Collecting gems in our..
Dead Paradise 3 is a military game. You are a special soldier in this military and you have a task to accompany the van for going to the base camp t..
Where is my Beard is a thinking game. Let's give them a beard by dropping one of his friend whose has beard. Find the best position at first before ..
War of the Shard is an adventure game base on war theme. In this game we can start our journey with a hero. You can fight with lot of tribe and gain..
20 Seconds to Die is an animation game. You can find some killing scheme that can be shocked you. This content is for mature only as it contain viol..
Atomic Creep Spawner is a strategy game where you have a task to kill this hero by spawning lot of minions on the stage. Spawning minions should be ..
Carrot Rush is an action game. Alex the carrot need our help to reach the highest sky and collecting some carrot on his flight. You need to draw a l..
Cover Orange Journey - Pirates is a thinking game where we need to cover the orange from cloud pirate invasion. He tries to kill all orange in this ..
Eat Rockets 2 Wizard is an action game. In this game you will be a wizard and your task is controlling the fireball and reach to the stone man in or..
Feed Us Happpy is an action game where you will be a predator who need to kill all human on your water. Biting and eating them is important to do in..
Crush the Castle Adventures is a shooting game. You are the king who get lot of teasing from lady king. Let's show them our power by crushing their ..
Cubis Creatures is a board game where we should match 3 Cubis by shooting other Cubis to the board. Get the longest combo as can as possible in orde..
Castle Keeper is a thinking game where we need to send the dragon to the circle and turn them into books, those books can be used for keeping our ca..
A Ghostly Journey is an adventure game where we will be a ghost and we have a mission to go out from our graveyard and go to the town. Try to avoid ..
Water Sons is a shooting game. We have a mission to shoot animal who being naught in our town. They try to destroy everything on their way. Let's ac..
The Tortoise & Eagle is an different game. Tortoise & Eagle has been a friend for over a few years, they always go together that's why some of their..
Adriano Ristorante Italiano is a food serving game where we have to serve our customer with our foods base on their choice. Popularity of your resta..
Flappy Little Pony is a logic game. Have you ever tried to play Flappy Bird?. now you can play kind of this game base on Pony theme. It's simple to ..
Anti Meow Force is an action game. Let's sail our ship soldier!. Shoot everything on our way and the meow force are trying to attack our ship by thr..
Clarence Saves the Day is an adventure game. Clarence needs our help to save his day, let's find some tools that can help him to find the clues. Tak..
Super Strike of Rage! is a fighting game. Johny is an employer in this office, and today he is getting mad due to the boss who always turn him into ..
Operate Now! Brain Surgery is a surgery game. In this game we will be a doctor and we need act faster to do a brain surgery. Your time is limited he..
Techno Invaders is an adventure game where you need to survive in this game and start exploring to the space. Your mission is shooting the enemies a..
Robot Outbreak is an action game. We are a special soldier in this game and we need to ride the tank and destroy the others then reach the main point.
Awesome Mushroom Hunter is an adventure game where we need to collect mushroom in this game. You should try collecting them as many as you can. Expl..
Bamboo Trekking is an action game where we should help this guy collecting diamond on the bamboo. You should avoid some animal which can be dropped ..
Pac-man Dash! is an adventure. In this game we should collect energy balls to help him survive from the ghost. The gameplay is quite different than ..
Ultimate Assassin 3 is an action game where we need to help this assassin killing to the target. Make sure you should sneak your target at first and..
Sneaky Dex is an adventure game where we need hep this guy reach to the exit door but we should get the key before reaching the exit door. Use some ..
How Dare You is an action where you should collect many coins in this game and kill the stranger on your way. Kill them and get the fish to earn mor..
Motor Beast is a driving game where we need to drive this motor around the world and collecting some coins there. You should move this motor till th..
Hulk is an action game where we will be a hulk and our mission is running away from the soldier who try to kill us and take down us for being their ..
The Last Ninja from Another Planet is an adventure game where we need to kill these monsters who try to conquer our world. Kill them with our ninja'..
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