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Dash Dash is an adventure game where you need to run and collecting some gold coin on your way. Help this little bird to reach the main point and be..
Adam and Eve 2 is an adventure game where Adam is getting trapped in a cage and he need to meet Eve in the other land, he should pass some mount and..
Traffic Trouble is a management game where you need to manage the traffic light to decrease traffic jump in your town. So many police have tried to ..
Feed me Moar 3 is a logic game. Exercising your logic is a must in order to be a smart people and you can sharpen your brain in this game as well. Y..
Burn Everything is a logic game. In this game you need to burn all blocks on the stage and burned block must be more than 80 percent, if you have re..
Muscle Car Parking is a parking game. In this game you need to park this car to the parking zone, there will be many parking zone to be parked. And ..
Dino Meat Hunt 2 is a logical game. Help Dino to get the meat as he want to get eternal life by eating that meat. He feels so hungry everyday and he..
Tiger Eat Cow is an logic game. In this game you need to help the tiger to eat the cow on the stage but you have a mission to collect some meats on ..
Viking Valor is a shooting game. In this game you need to shoot the canon to the pirates. You have to understand that this mission could be difficul..
Moosters is a board game. In this game you need to match same block, try to take a look at their color and also how many their eye. The block can be..
Frantic Ninjas is a fighting game. Fight with other ninjas and win the battle. Alex is the only one ninja who trained since he has been child and no..
Rolling Hero 4 is a thinking game. Your task is rolling the stage and let the hero enter the mechanic rotation. It won't be easy to do as the stage ..
2048 Bricks is a board game. In this game you need to match one brick into a new one then try to complete the stage. You have to focus when playing ..
People on my Lawn 3 is a thinking game. Think smart when you're playing this game. You don't only need to be smart, but you must be creative to put ..
Road Rocket is a driving game. In this game you will need to drive a car through the road without smash any car there. Those cars will drop some bom..
Finger Vs Axes is an action game. In this game you need to control the finger and defeat the axes. First you're disturbing for their people then he ..
Stunt Karts is a driving game. Jack the monkey need to pass the mount in order to go to his uncle's house. He seems fun with with her new stunt kart..
Clash of Goblins is an action game. In this game you need to defend your house from those attacker. They want to plunder your resources. You have be..
Super Tramp is adventure game where we will be a naught boy and killing some cops on the road. You can give them peed, puke and hit them all, rememb..
Gangster way is a driving game combined with action game. You will feel about being a gangster in this game. Riding the car and shooting lot of gang..
Clicker heroes is an action game. You're a heroes who need to kill those monsters and get some gold to hire some soldier to work with you. Buy many ..
Stolen Sword is an adventure game. In this game you need to collect some keys in order to go to the next door which being locked by the guards. Your..
Tales of Terratos is a strategy game. In this game we need to defend our base from orc invasion. You can get some elements by matching those blocks...
Donutosaur is a strategy game. Your logical thinking is needed in this game. You have to send this dino to the donut and collecting some stars on hi..
Rodent Racer is a racing game. In this game we need to drive car and reach the finish line, some objects might head your way, you need to avoid them..
Mad Truck Challenge is a racing game where you will do a racing with lot of truck racer. You need to get a winning on every competition in order to ..
Dirt Course is a driving game. In this game you will follow a course to drive a car. Your way isn't easily as driving car in the street as the groun..
Frenzy Gas Station is a management game. In this game you will manage some car owner who want to buy some fuel for their cars. You need to serve the..
Rat Maze is an adventure game. Control the rat to the hole, you can move the cheese then that rat will follow it, move it by using your mouse. Get s..
Marblelicious is a board game. Solve the marble and match them all at same color at one line, you can rotate the marble in order to match them. Make..
Prince Beatdown is an action game where you will do a fight with lot of enemies in this game. You need to understand how to fight as well. First you..
Spring Ninja is an adventure game where you need to help this Ninja get for the formula on each stage. You can drag the ninja, aim the direction the..
Bucket Cop is an adventure game. In this game we need to destroy the bulb and get those stars, try to get 3 stars for each level. Alex need our help..
Zombie Riot is a strategy game. Hazardous zombies is invading to our town, we need to prepare everything and send our troop to guard the gate of cit..
Escape to Hell is an adventure where you need to help this guy out from the hell, so many demons on your way. You need to hit those demons by using ..
Bomb of Love is an action game where you need to explode all box by detonating your self. You can move your character by pressing arrow keys button...
Fish And Destroy 2 is an action game where you will do an adventure in the deep of water. You need to destroy all fish that blocked your path. They ..
Kick the Critter is an action game. In this game we need to kick the Critter as far as we can. the Critter must reach the main point in order to sur..
Beaver Blocks 2 is a board game. King beaver need to reach his civilians. And his way is blocked by some blocks that need to be removed from the sta..
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