Addicting Shooting Games

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Use your sharpshooting skills and wise ricochets to kill all the bad guys
Fight off the diseases to survive as long as you can.
You are being chased by a rival mob family! Shoot them down as you escape to the safety of the Don's mansion!
Make the greens run red with the blood of zombies in this brilliant new Zombie sports game!
At night all the farm animals go a little crazy. Kill them before they kill you. Upgrade your weapons if you want to survive!
Fire at the castle to kill the enemies! But don't kill the hostages!
Terrorists are running amok! Take them down!
Crush the people working on the rigs with your cannonballs and bombs!
What?! No Tip? You will regret this! It is your job to help the waiter to take revenge and make the maximum damage!
Drive your truck on the zombie infested highway and shoot everything on sight
A zombie game so good you'll want to rip your face off.
You must complete the missions and take out the correct person as you scope out any potential bad guys, watch out though, dont shoot the survilians
Arnys Battle an awesome complex platform shooting game where you take control of some very powerful weapons
Scope out the hidden army characters and take them down, several levels means lots of fun in this great army shooting game
Enemies are attacking your base from all sides and you must defend it until death, see how long you can hold of invading enemy troops, use a selecti..
Obama is in a really sticky situation here, he has been caught up in the infection and needs your skills to help him escape the evil zombies, think ..
Zombies have taken over the world and as you are one of the many survivors its suggested that you get a move on and get shooting at them, lets see i..
Shoot down the zombies before they reach your survivors camp, they are dangerous and ready to fight, so be fast at killing them.
Think your the master at shooting down targets? Time to step up and prove it! Warning: These targets shoot back!
We have selected 66 levels from the 3500 submits. Thanks everyone for your great submission! Have Fun!
The SHADEZ game is an intense 2D strategy war game. You are the General of a Mercenary force and must command your troops.
There is an idiom in Chinese that is "The hero save beauties". In this game, the brave Armor Hero need to fight to save his lovers.
Upgrade the weapons with the money you get rewarded. Change the guns by pressing the keys 1, 2, 3 & 4. Buy bombs and use them by pressing the key 5 ..
Terrorists are striking once again and its time for you to do something about it, you must stop them in their tracks and make sure the country stays..
A bunch of terrorists lurks in an abandoned train station, waiting for you to board...
An innovative defence shooter game where you can easily control 4 players at once.
Zombies are attacking the White House and Obama is left to fend for himself. Find weapons and survivors to fight your way through waves of zombies u..
Shoot the targets with your sniper rifle! Game Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press R or Shift to Reload Press Space to use your Sco..
Even back in the 60s they struggled with the odd zombie infestation. Help defend the town and try not to get bitten!
Fancy yourself as a hot shot assassin? Prove your worth by shooting enough targets to progress.
Zombie bazooking time has returned, now with more weapons, more gore, more ways to kill zombies, and a choice of characters
In the first person shooting game Sharp Trigger you are a soldier that is on his first mission behind enemy lines. Fight yourself a way through host..
Brilliant shooter with superb art. Play as an elephant killing thousands of mice. Eh? Aren't elephants afraid of mice? NO! This is a fearless elepha..
The Reloaded version of the successful 'DarkBase Defence' game, restyled thanks to players' comments. Resist for 30 minutes to the stronger and stro..
The aliens have invaded earth and you as a general of the mercenary pilots must fight them off. Command a fleet of fighter planes and utilize the sp..
The ultimate trick shot is back! Aim carefully and make each bullet count. When you're finished, make your own sweet ricochet levels
Gun down all the enemies that run into the screen, and peek out windows. Includes multiple weapons.
Destroy various enemies in your upgradeable tank. See how many waves you can survive.
Excellent shooter where you have two different kind of weapons at your disposal. You can choose them with 1,2,3. Aim and shoot with the mouse and re..
You must train for the police force and make sure that you are equiped with the skills of a true special forces member, show how good you are in thi..
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1 Player (7613)
2 Players (106)
Action (2197)
Adventure (1310)
Adver (289)
Aircraft (128)
Alien (115)
Animal (643)
Arcade (461)
Ball (315)
Bike (135)
Blood (125)
Bomb (113)
Boy (187)
Car (465)
Cooking (153)
Decorate (145)
Defend (174)
Defense (286)
Dog (99)
Dress Up (2044)
Drive (93)
Driving (869)
Escape (172)
Evade (260)
Fighting (709)
Fish (103)
Flash (7628)
Flying (425)
Food (487)
Fun (944)
Funny (266)
Girl (2435)
Grooming (198)
Jumping (191)
Kids (1192)
Killing (430)
Obstacle (608)
Parking (95)
Physics (120)
Platform (107)
Platforms (123)
Puzzle (1005)
Race (113)
Racing (472)
Rescue (106)
Robots (143)
Rpg (160)
Series (825)
Shoot (116)
Shooting (900)
Skill (495)
Soccer (96)
Space (178)
Spaceship (102)
Sport (166)
Sports (429)
Strategy (580)
Thinking (146)
Throwing (145)
Truck (256)
Upgrade (147)
War (134)
Water (150)
Zombie (144)
Zombies (116)