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Description & Instructions

Description: An interactive adventure game similar to Hapland - Help James defeat his arch rival Gregory!
Instructions: This is an adventure game that is similar in concept to Hapland but with a lot more levels and adventures. You have to help James Mahogany travel through the dangerous land and defeat his arch rival Gregory.

Left Click on the various things to trigger some events. The aim of every level is shown at the bottom. Use your brains and be patient, eventually you will find out how to pass a level. If you are stuck just restart the level any time you want.

But here is a walk through for all you cheaters out there:

Level One:

- Click the sign that says "WARNING: PLANE CRASHES". This will cause a plane to crash into the tree, causing a cat to fall on the lumberjack. The lumber jack will chop the tree down, Click on the left side of the tree to make it fall to the left. Click The stick holding the boulder back, this will hit the land and make a bridge so Mahogany can get across!

Level Two:

- Click the fin to the right of the frog. The little frog will get eaten, exposing the swamp monster. Click the antenna on the building, it will send a red energy blob on the swamp monster. Click the hippo, and as soon as you click the hippo click the swamp monster right away. The swamp monster will shoot out a fire ball, which will come back and knock himself out. Click the little red button to get a platform to appear. Then keep on clicking mahogany until he gets across the mud.

Level Three:

- Click on the cloud with the smiley face. He will blow wind at the guy with the flag. The flag will burn, and an exclamation point will appear on the flag. Now, for possibly the saddest part in the entire game. See the cute little red bird? Click him eleven times. The guy by the catapult will come over and crush him :(. Then click the catapult. The doors will break open but look out! There's an army of people! Good thing the cloud blew the candle causing the flag to catch on fire. Click the guy on the ground holding the stick. He will blow his whistle, causing him and the army to head for the hills! Pun intended. The monster who killed the bird will still be there, be he won't do anything to you. Click Mahogany twice to get through.

Now you figure out for the rest of the levels by yourself.

Plays: 4,377
Rating: 4 / 10
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