Addicting Bomb Games

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Bomb of Love is an action game where you need to explode all box by detonating your self. You can move your character by pressing arrow keys button...
Bomb it 7 is an action game where we need survive in this game and you can kill the enemy to be the last one. Put your bomb on the block and let the..
Pomme Pomme is an action game. In this game we need to help this guy for bouncing the grape into the fruit machine, we need to process the fruit in ..
Kirby Bomberman is an action game. Find your strategy about how to defeat your enemies in this game. Put the bomb to destroy the block and find an a..
Ragdoll Ninja is an action game where we need to cut the Ragdoll by using cutter. Cut them all into several piece, try to get higher score in this g..
Bomb Besieger is an thinking game. In this game you'll need kill the guard who hide inside of wall, you can throw a bomb there and blast it to kill ..
Zombie Demolisher is a thinking game where you need to kill those zombies by throw the bombs. You can use for tnt bombs to destroy the wall and then..
Pirate Monsters is a strategy game where you need to kill the pirate monster by blasting the bombs, the best way you can throw them to the sea.
Epic Blast is an strategy games. Collapse those blocks til they dropped to the floor, make sure your bombs are limited here. So throw those bombs as..
Bomb Transport II is an driving game, have you ever tried to be a truck driver, but it's more than a truck driver due to your job too extreme, you'l..
Zombie West There And Back Again is an shooting game, you're the best sheriff on that country, and some people got turned into zombie due to an fail..
Bull Blast is an strategy game, in this game you need to make a plan to take down the bulls within take down the pigs there, you should to put the b..
Tower Tactics is an strategy game, in this game you need to destroy the building structure with bomb, put the bomb on the right place, after that yo..
Crash The Robot is an physic game, in this game you need to crash the robot by using a bomb, you must place the bomb on the right place to make more..
Bomb It 4 is an action game, You need to kill all rival for every game, broke the brick are important to got more items for your wars equipment, and..
Collect the bomb and then deliver them to the correct destination as quickly as possible.
Bomberman type gameplay with great graphics. Ball instead of bombs makes it more kid friendly.
Your mission is to destroy all enemies in the given time
This is a classic bomberman game with more exciting characters. Avoid monsters while bombing walls to collect power-ups and earn points. Good luck!
You're Marvin the martian. Use your gun to shoot the cartoons. Don't shoot at the bombs.
A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, unless you solve the puzzles.
Another fun remake of the game arcade bomber man but with a different twist.
Stop the falling bombs from passing through, build barricades to help.
Fly through the clouds while avoiding red bombs that could destroy your airplane. Collect green gems and blue shields.
Activate lasers and start shooting all the sinking depth charges. Use your shield if there's a lot.
Sink the 5 pirate ships you see off on the horizon. You only have 9 canon balls that you can fire.
Pigs Wars - You have to help the little pig to move around the field, throw bombs and blow up as many enemy pig as possible in each level before ene..
Dynaminer is a boulder dash and bomberman clone flash game where you have to dig your way into the ground, in order to collect all the gold pieces. ..
Solve the puzzle, drop some bombs, fly high, fly low, just dont crash and complete the level
Blast Passage is a single-player, retro-looking Bomberman /Gauntlet-inspired game: Mr. BomBear is stuck on the shady side of Planet X, and he’s qu..
Bomberman remixed with a pirate them. Blow up enemies and treasure chests.
Shoot 2 fireballs at the dropping bombs. Fireballs explode when two hit together.
Help Mac and the other imaginary friends rescue Bloo and get rid of the Extreme-osaurus. Grab the eggs and use them to catch the bombs before they e..
Use your big hammer to smash naughty aliens, but watch out for missiles and bombs.
Taking the concept of the Bit Crusher series and mixing in bounce physics, destructible platforms and DS-style controls, Bounce Crusher is a fun gam..
Doctor made the g-blast robot to save the world from a terrible bomb treath. Jump over the cards and dodge objects in the sky to keep running.
Everyone is running out of the hotel because someone putted 20 bombs in the hotel, this game is a mixture of a platform game and a logic puzzle game.
Pickles is filling the yard with stink juice bombs. It's all-out stench warfare! Toss bombs over to Golly's side to make his lawn stink mo..
Action game mixed with chain reaction game. Drop bombs and kill enough zombies to level up.
This game is the sequel to IndestructoTank. There´s a lot of new features:

All new hand animated graphics, an Improved Physics engin..
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1 Player (7613)
2 Players (106)
Action (2197)
Adventure (1310)
Adver (289)
Aircraft (128)
Alien (115)
Animal (643)
Arcade (461)
Ball (315)
Bike (135)
Blood (125)
Bomb (113)
Boy (187)
Car (465)
Cooking (153)
Decorate (145)
Defend (174)
Defense (286)
Dog (99)
Dress Up (2044)
Drive (93)
Driving (869)
Escape (172)
Evade (260)
Fighting (709)
Fish (103)
Flash (7628)
Flying (425)
Food (487)
Fun (944)
Funny (266)
Girl (2435)
Grooming (198)
Jumping (191)
Kids (1192)
Killing (430)
Obstacle (608)
Parking (95)
Physics (120)
Platform (107)
Platforms (123)
Puzzle (1005)
Race (113)
Racing (472)
Rescue (106)
Robots (143)
Rpg (160)
Series (825)
Shoot (116)
Shooting (900)
Skill (495)
Soccer (96)
Space (178)
Spaceship (102)
Sport (166)
Sports (429)
Strategy (580)
Thinking (146)
Throwing (145)
Truck (256)
Upgrade (147)
War (134)
Water (150)
Zombie (144)
Zombies (116)