Addicting Escape Games

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Escape to Hell is an adventure where you need to help this guy out from the hell, so many demons on your way. You need to hit those demons by using ..
Beno Bear Escape is an adventure game. In this game you need to help Beno the bear on his escape mission. You need to collect some gear on your way ..
Knight Slider is an adventure game. You are the best knight who get deployed into this special mission. Your job is trying to escape from the cave. ..
Stealth Bound is an action game where we need to help this guy are going out from the room. He is getting trapped on the room and we have a task to ..
Mummies Escape is a thinking game. In this game we need to send the mummy to the chest, drop the person in the right place. Don't be wrong on your s..
Submachine 9 - the Temple is an escape game. In this game we need to escape from this temple. find the way out from the temple, use your tools to ma..
Alexia Crow - The Deal of the Gods is an escape game. In this game we need to escape from the god room, we trapped there and no one can help us. We ..
Army Sharpshooter 2 is a shooting game where need to kill enemies trying to escape from your base, aim them all and shoot with your handgun. Get the..
Faint is an action game. We're trapped in the desert there are no ways, we need to find an hidden object to help us escape from desert. Try to find ..
Stage Out Escape is an escaping game. We're trapped in this stage, we need to find the way out from this stage. Lot of object can be our clue for ou..
The Last Door - Chapter 3 is an action game. In this game we need to help this guy is finding for the exit door. The weather for today is snowy, we ..
Mimou Escape 2 is an escape game. In this game we need to help Mimou for her escape mission. She get trapped in the laundry, she need to find a way ..
Escape the Office is an escape game where we need to escape from the office, help this employer on his escaping mission. There are lot of objects th..
Pixel Escape is an adventure game where you need to help these pixel guys walk through the stage, be careful that some holes might dropped the pixel..
Where Is 2014 is an action game where you need to find the way out from 2013 to 2014, Your way might be quite difficult as you need to find an objec..
Parking Escape is a parking game where you need to park your car and escape from the mafia, beware with the box, it can be blast and destroy your car.
Egg House Escape is an hidden object games. In this games you'll need to find some object which lost on the egg house and outside of it, Find some c..
Slingscape is an action games. In this games you'll need to go leave from the room, you got trapped here and giant laser will killing you immediatel..
Must Escape The Fortress is an escape games. Someday you got caught by the royal soldier due to walk in front the castle gate and they jailed you. N..
Spirit Rush is an action games. An spirit tried to escape from the space, there are lot of wall which need to avoided faster, cause you got chasen b..
Lucas Castle Escape is an escaping games. Lucas need to escape from the castle and you need to help him to escape from it, let we help Lucas to find..
The Rise is an logic games, In this games you will need to find the clue to escape from the room, each level will be more difficult, so try to think..
Antique House Escape is an escape games. Someday you've got trapped on strange house, the house seems to be antique cause lot of ancient stuff, and ..
Transmorpher 2 is an adventure games. In this games you'll be as a creature monster who need to leave from the experiment building. There are some o..
Killer Escape 2 The Surgery is an action games. In this games you'll need to leave from a building which it contain lot of incident, lot of people d..
Save The Dummy Level Pack 2 is an brain game. In this game you'll need to save the dummy to out from the stage, you might used some object which can..
Alien Planet Escape is an driving game, Prepare your self on escaping from this planet, it might be Alien which trying to heading your way and they ..
Parkour is an running game, in this game you will be as burglar, the police try to reaching to you, you need to run faster and jump from roof to roo..
You wake up in a cold, dark and gloomy cell. What's happening? Why are you here? Try to escape and beware of the serial killer!
You are stuck in the bathroom because some guy wants your money. Find a way to escape from the bathroom!
This is very funny and cool mouse clicking game! You can't miss it. As you start playing you can't stop. Little pyjaman is the only one person who c..
Help green soldier to get out of the red soldier base.
Can you help Michelle get home, he's small, pixelated and lost.
The second of Laserbeards hidden treasure in the dungeon of an old forbidden castle.
One night Captain Fugly was in the local library, on his way home he was captured and experimented on by people from S.C.U.M, after escaping he's go..
Complete each stage as you become more and more inside the maze.
You are in the Zombie Crypt. You need to get out and quick!
Help Sponge Bob deal with every life.
Sneak passed guards views, grab the prison keys and unlock doors and attempt to escape.
Spear as many fish as you can in the given time, make sure you meet the demands of the tribe though!
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1 Player (7613)
2 Players (106)
Action (2197)
Adventure (1310)
Adver (289)
Aircraft (128)
Alien (115)
Animal (643)
Arcade (461)
Ball (315)
Bike (135)
Blood (125)
Bomb (113)
Boy (187)
Car (465)
Cooking (153)
Decorate (145)
Defend (174)
Defense (286)
Dog (99)
Dress Up (2044)
Drive (93)
Driving (869)
Escape (172)
Evade (260)
Fighting (709)
Fish (103)
Flash (7628)
Flying (425)
Food (487)
Fun (944)
Funny (266)
Girl (2435)
Grooming (198)
Jumping (191)
Kids (1192)
Killing (430)
Obstacle (608)
Parking (95)
Physics (120)
Platform (107)
Platforms (123)
Puzzle (1005)
Race (113)
Racing (472)
Rescue (106)
Robots (143)
Rpg (160)
Series (825)
Shoot (116)
Shooting (900)
Skill (495)
Soccer (96)
Space (178)
Spaceship (102)
Sport (166)
Sports (429)
Strategy (580)
Thinking (146)
Throwing (145)
Truck (256)
Upgrade (147)
War (134)
Water (150)
Zombie (144)
Zombies (116)