Addicting Flash Games

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Complete each event in order to achieve the best rank and progress to the next one
The aim of the game id to guide the bee and avoid all obstacles on your way to the exit.
cool pokemon game
Impede the wasps enter the anthill. Shot the holes and cover them.
Help her defeat the monsters in the new and exciting games Valencia Surehunter. You have to control the main character, and with the left mouse butt..
Lure your hunter inside and trap them.
Catch as many fishes as possible within 2 minutes.
Mecha cats are trying to kick our heroes out of the house. Help Waffle find all the parts needed to build a Robot Super Cat. Destroy and kick all bo..
Very cool fighting game with multiple characters to choose and great graphics.

Please be patient while game is loading.
To prevent Chiro and the Super Robot from failing his latest attempt to control the Shuggazoom City
Destroy all the buildings and stop the cops that are shooting at you.
Join the world tournament of soccer. Just choose your team and your computer's team and set the difficulty and show your opponents all your hid..
A one-button game, get the monkey home by swinging from vine to vine.
The bloody doomsday of one stickman has finally got a sequel with more action and excitement packed in this game. Defeat all his enemies.
The temple is under attack and it’s up to you to defend it. At firs..
Well this game more like a 3 games in one. It got the characteristic of 3 games like arkanoid, ice hockey, and pong similar to game called Block Bre..
Mandy and Billy have made an awful mess and they must clean it up before Dad gets home. If they borrow Grim's spell book it'll take no tim..
Shooting Game with excellent explosion effect when you hit correctly to the mobile aim. There are several screens each time, more difficult.
The object is to get all the people across the river. Don't leave mothers and sons together, or fathers and daughters.
Shoot all your enemies with your awesome weapons in this great shoot em up game.
A first person shooting game. Where you can shoot freaky aliens like floating brains in different colors.
Pick up your pom poms and make your own routine.
Make it through laser beams as Danny and the Phantom
Skate down the street dodging certain obstacles and jump over others
The aim of the game is to throw and dodge the food to your opponent. The first to splat the other five times wins.
Defender is a game of tactics, strategy and decision-making. Each level is consist of waves of enemies wherein you must prevent them from reaching t..
A quick and short game of tossing shells to Patrick within the timelimit.
Shoot down all your enemies before they gun you down. Prepare for one exciting action game. Good luck and have fun!
King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.
No description available!
Create your own southpark cartoon character, with a huge amount of designs to choose from and the ability to save your character.
Welcome to the Student Park ! Help guide your students from the phone box to the party!
Kids will be sent into the balloon flight by you, and the more tubes you will use to achieve that, the more points you will receive. Be careful, as ..
You only have a few seconds to collect the 4 orange skate wheels. You have to do different tricks to get cash.
Air the right angle to smash the wall with the dummies
Bumper Cars at their best. Drive into the other dodgems at full speed so they lose health.
Try to throw the cards into the hat.
Pair the cards at shortest amount of time
Angle the jumps to switch to the right rail and not lose points or crash into gates.
Test your dexterity and quick reactions.
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1 Player (7613)
2 Players (106)
Action (2197)
Adventure (1310)
Adver (289)
Aircraft (128)
Alien (115)
Animal (643)
Arcade (461)
Ball (315)
Bike (135)
Blood (125)
Bomb (113)
Boy (187)
Car (465)
Cooking (153)
Decorate (145)
Defend (174)
Defense (286)
Dog (99)
Dress Up (2044)
Drive (93)
Driving (869)
Escape (172)
Evade (260)
Fighting (709)
Fish (103)
Flash (7628)
Flying (425)
Food (487)
Fun (944)
Funny (266)
Girl (2435)
Grooming (198)
Jumping (191)
Kids (1192)
Killing (430)
Obstacle (608)
Parking (95)
Physics (120)
Platform (107)
Platforms (123)
Puzzle (1005)
Race (113)
Racing (472)
Rescue (106)
Robots (143)
Rpg (160)
Series (825)
Shoot (116)
Shooting (900)
Skill (495)
Soccer (96)
Space (178)
Spaceship (102)
Sport (166)
Sports (429)
Strategy (580)
Thinking (146)
Throwing (145)
Truck (256)
Upgrade (147)
War (134)
Water (150)
Zombie (144)
Zombies (116)