Addicting Mario Games

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Princess Peach Go Adventure is an adventure game where you need to help the princess on her adventure. She need to go to the castle and also you nee..
Mirror Mario Adventure is an adventure game where we need to help Mario to reach the flag on each stage. Run and jump to reach the flag, and beware ..
Mario Backflips is a driving game where you need to help Mario to reach the finish line. Your bike is limiting of fuel, so you need to use the fuel ..
Mario ATV 4 is a driving game where you will ride an atv bike and trying to reach the finish line, make sure you'll need to control it as well, don'..
Super Mario Racing 2 is an racing games. Choose your main character when playing this game and begin your career as racer on mario world, you'll nee..
Mario Airship Battle is an shooting game. Mario on a mission to kill those enemies who escaping from jail, they're run away to safe place where they..
Mario Egg Rescue is an action game, In this game you'll need to help Mario on rescue Yoshi egg. Yoshi Egg had captured by big evil turtle, and he go..
Mario Space Racing is an driving game. Help mario reach the finish line your time are limited here. You also need to collect some items on the way. ..
Mario Feed Yoshi is an strategy game. In this game you'll need to feed yoshi and try to throw that food by hit by your hammer, take care when you ai..
Mario Robo Battle is an fighting games. Bowser army is attacking to you, The robot is equipped with different weapon and is very powerful. Mario wil..
Mario Gravity is an shooting game, in this game you'll need to kill those enemy from other planets, used your weapon and throw it to kill them. And ..
Mario Egg Delivery is an driving game. Mario just worked on poultry company, and his job to take those eggs and deliver it to the clients, now let w..
Mario Gift Delivery is an driving game. Mario had been work as gift delivery, and he'll need to deliver on time, let we help Mario to deliver those ..
Snowy Mario 4 is an driving game. Snow just coming to Mario world, and there are lot of people who greets for it. Mario take his ice skating equipme..
Mario Great Adventure is an adventure game. In this game Mario will ride for a kid dragon and collect some fruits, but beware of Mario's enemy, don'..
Mario World is an adventure game, in this game you need to help mario to save the prince who kidnapped by the evil king, You need to get stronger in..
Mario and his friend are having a crazy time whizzing around the streets of this action packed adrenaline fueled adventure. See if you can beat the ..
Mario is in a whole new 3D world of karting crazyness, take to the track and see if you beat the clock while collecting coins and have the skills to..
Mario and his friends ae going crazy in their Karts once again, take to the streets in this amazing and ultra-fun racing Mario Kart game!
It's back! Mario's motocross adventure. Once again help Mario to reach to the end of the level and collect as many stars as possible... Here we go
Sonic is back in a new ATV Adventure, this time with 4 new ATV'S. Collect coins to unlock each new ATV.
Bart is out on his skateboard showing the streets of Springfield what hes made of, collecting snacks on his way hes the man to be with. Eat My Shorts!
How good are you at pulling off insane stunts on a bike and showing off your skills?
Mario is off out on his motorbike for another adventure, but this time things are more complicated, harder levels and better than ever mario.
Super Mario is back once again and this time racing for victory, collect mystery boxes and earn attack items to take out some of your favourite mari..
Mario Bros. are on another adventure but this time on there motorbikes, see if you can complete the levels
Sonic mario and others all wrapped up in one game, see how well you do against the best of the best
Your Favorite Super Mario is back, but this time he is on the ride. Mario Ride has 10 challenging levels to clear with lots of stars to collect in t..
How far can Mario move along in zero gravity world? Help Mario while his enemies attempt to avert him.
Luigi has big problems, Bowser locked him up. It is up to Mario to save his brother Luigi.But Bowser will not let that happen and blocked all pipes ..
In the action platform game Super Mario: Save Toad you have saved Luigi from Bowser. Bowser commanded Wart to kidnap Toad. It is your duty as a frie..
Strategy Games - In the action platform game Super Mario Save Toad you have saved Luigi from Bowser. Bowser commanded Wart to kidnap Toad. It is you..
You're Luigi, jump over openings in the castle floor and dodge the Mario Bros. universe creatures.
Mario meets Metal Slug! This is one of the best Mario/Metal Slug game ever as Marco invades the Mario land. Prepare to meet some cool characters also.
Why play as Mario when you can take the role of Luigi.
Similar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!
Fight against 3 different bosses. Can you defeat all three?
No killing Mario enemies, simply avoid them at all costs and stay alive. Reach the other side!
Play as Sonic in Mario World. Can you defeat the evil Mario or will you be stuck there forever?
Help Mario reach the star in each level under the maximum number of bounces so make sure to bounce wisely! You can also get some weapons to help you..
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1 Player (7613)
2 Players (106)
Action (2197)
Adventure (1310)
Adver (289)
Aircraft (128)
Alien (115)
Animal (643)
Arcade (461)
Ball (315)
Bike (135)
Blood (125)
Bomb (113)
Boy (187)
Car (465)
Cooking (153)
Decorate (145)
Defend (174)
Defense (286)
Dog (99)
Dress Up (2044)
Drive (93)
Driving (869)
Escape (172)
Evade (260)
Fighting (709)
Fish (103)
Flash (7628)
Flying (425)
Food (487)
Fun (944)
Funny (266)
Girl (2435)
Grooming (198)
Jumping (191)
Kids (1192)
Killing (430)
Obstacle (608)
Parking (95)
Physics (120)
Platform (107)
Platforms (123)
Puzzle (1005)
Race (113)
Racing (472)
Rescue (106)
Robots (143)
Rpg (160)
Series (825)
Shoot (116)
Shooting (900)
Skill (495)
Soccer (96)
Space (178)
Spaceship (102)
Sport (166)
Sports (429)
Strategy (580)
Thinking (146)
Throwing (145)
Truck (256)
Upgrade (147)
War (134)
Water (150)
Zombie (144)
Zombies (116)