Addicting Motorcycle Games

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Y2K Motorcycle is an motor bike racing game, participated on Motorcycle competition is the best thing for your, you've participated on lot of compet..
Pull back the throttle and head for the ramp - Not too much or you'll pull a wheelie - and jump the buses, the ring of fire and the generator!
The sequel to the Bike Mania series is now out! With harder obstacles, this is gonna be more fun! As always said, only the best gamers will make the..
You are stuck in a traffic jam. Navigate your bike in between cars, avoiding potholes and people moving around the traffic.
Guide your motorcycle through the traffic and keep from hitting people or cars. Harder than the 1st.
Drive in 3 different races in the least possible time and become the most famous motor race champion ever.
Race with other motorcycle in this cool motorcycle racing tournament.
Go off jumps and use turbo to stay in the air catching rings that give you more fuel. Land softly.
Pick up all the packages, avoid the black cars and get back home before the time's over.
Coming in at 15.7MBs is another bike physics game. Grab the stars while balancing your bike.
Ride your bike on the back wheel in this decent kind of bike game and don't let the front wheel touch the ground.
This is a freaked out bike racing game! You can collect or buy insane extras.
Funny 2-D racing game.
Time to tilt your bike to make it over barrels and other obstacles without tipping over.
21 levels of controlling your bike physics and grabbing stars. Some ramps are difficult to get over.
Pick your bike, and control your bikes balance, tilt, and lean. Grab those turbo arrows!
Control your bikes physics as you tilt and lean on your bike to make it up and down the slopes.
Take daring jumps and reach the sky! Get your bike as high as possible, beat all the levels and become the ultimate extreme sports showman. You'..
Drive this bike like an authentic professional.
If you like speed and motorbikes, this is a game for you. Ride your motorcycle, stay on the road and avoid traffic.
Can you ride your bike on the hill without getting any accidents.
Throw on a helmet and get racing in this fast paced motorcycle game! Compete for the best times and unlock new levels as you complete each track!
Take first place to advance to the next round.
Play as Otis and put the pedal to the metal to catch up to the picup truck they're riding in. Avoid obstacle to gain speed.
Ride your motorcycle over jumps. Enhance your bike as you progress to make harder jumps.
Ride your bike and saves the world from enemies.
Gear up and choose your favorite four wheel death machine to race in wild areas while performing extreme stunts! Use the arrow keys to drive, number..
Handle the bike and perform stunt over the track.
Keep your motorcycle balanced as you travel through 7 hard levels. Good luck, you'll need it.
Can you ride and jump over the rough ground and still not fall over your bike?!
Race around the track on your motorcycle as you try to reach each checkpoint before time runs out.
How far can you go without getting into an accident.
3 progressively harder levels of balancing your motorcycle and make it over the mountain openings.
Make it through all the courses on your dirt bike! Be sure to have fun making your own tracks with the level editor, too!
7 levels of controlling your motorbike as you lean and balance trying to make it over all the gaps.
Tilt and balance this crazy mouse on a bike ride over the kitchen table!
Drive your scooter on the road but avoid different obstacles such as cats, people and object. Collect fuels along the way to refill your tank.
Drive over objects as you balance your bike. Harder than most bike balancing games of this style.
Rotate the pipes to get the gas to the vehicles on the other side. Don't let time run out!
Race against the computer biker as you balance your bike and not tip over. Watch out for jumps!
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