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Description & Instructions

Description: The second and more challenging version of the interactive game Hapland. Try your best to solve this mystery!
Instructions: This version of Hapland is even more challenging and makes you think a lot and of course click a lot. The aim of this interactive game is to find a way to light up the torches using various, sometimes humorous tricks and bobs. Left Click on the various characters and other stuff in the game causing some events to happen and analyse them to take the next step.

But if you are not capable to take up this challenge and cannot solve it by yourself then look below to get some hints or to CHEAT in other words.

1. Click the lollipop sign with the red dot to flip it to a green arrow.
2. To the right of the sign, open the lid.
3. Click the yellow arrow under the sign to glow it, the man will walk right and fall between the two boxes.
4. Click the sign again to turn it back to the red dot.
5. Click the box on the right with the pink lid, a grenade will roll out.
6. As soon as the exclamation sign appears over the man's head, click the yellow arrow. This will cause a puff of air to come out of the sign with the red dot, and blow the grenade over to the house. This will blow open the door, and also destroy the arrow over the door.
7. Click the pink lid over the box on the right three times, it will fall on an angle.
8. Click the man, he will climb over the box and run into the house.
9. Underground, click the switch that turns on the 'turbine'. There is a left and right arrow on the turbine, click the right one, it will start spinning.
10. Now, go and click on the green staircase on the right, the stairs should roll to the right.
11. On the left, turn on the light by the bird, then click the light itself so it shines on the cannon balls.
12. Click the bird, It'll pick up a cannon ball and begin flying to the right. As it approaches the first cloud, click the cloud and that'll cause the ball to drop on the 'electric fence' and blow it up.
13. The bird will return to his perch. Click the bird again, get another cannon ball, and this time click the second cloud just as the bird approaches. It'll drop the cannon ball into the catapult.
14. Now, ring the doorbell on the house, the man will come out and climb to the catapult lever.
15. This part requires timing. A)Click the left cloud once, it will squirt ... B) Now, click it a second time it will explode. You need to VERY QUICKLY go and click the catapult's lever. The cannon ball will be launched hitting the banner and burning it up. It will also continue through and explode the mine in the castle.
16. Click the sign and turn it back to a green arrow.
17. Click the yellow arrow under the sign, the man will run back into the house.
18. At the castle, click the man all the way at the top. He will walk forward and drop two levels.
19. This part requires three quick clicks, so read first then do. 1. Click the lid on the top left of the castle, a man and a moth will pop out. When the moth makes his first 'orbit' around the man's head, 2. click the little gray box on the dividing wall (There's a little arrow there pointing it out.) This will suck the moth through and distract the second man near the lever. Finally 3. Click the man on the lowest level (near the fisherman) and he will move over near the lever on the left.
20. Now click the man on the second level, he will pull a lever that will cause the suspended box to fall. A fish will pop out of the box and land on the trap door at the lower level.
21. Click the man on the same level as the box, he will pull a lever, the trap door will open and the fish will fall into the water.
22. Now, click the man who had earlier popped out of the lid. He will fall all the way to the bottom level.
23. Below where the man is standing is an arrow pointing left, click it to turn to the right.
24. Click the man at the lever, he will start the current in the water going right. The fish will be carried to the right, and get caught in the fisherman's hook.
25. Click the man again to stop the current.
26. Click the fisherman, he'll reel in the fish, and then spring off his pole and go up to the top of the castle.
27. Click the fisherman again, he'll go into the top door and light the upper torch.
28 Click the window on the house, the man inside will slam it shut and cause the 'snot' to fall.
29 Click the man at the bottom level again to start a current in the water towards the right.
30. Click the 'snot', he'll move to the left, eat the first box, then jump in the water and destroy the mine.
31 Click the man at the bottom again, to stop the water current
32. Click the switch of the underground turbine to start it, then click the left arrow of it, to make it spin to the left.
33. Click the stairs near the house, they'll roll all the way to the left.
34. (This part requires several clicks, read first then do...) 1. Ring the doorbell. The man will come out. 2. As soon as the man gets on top of the box, click the box and he'll fall in. As soon as he falls in, he'll emerge riding in a car that goes into the water. 3. Click the underwater gate before the car gets there. The car will continue through, and the man will grab the stairs after the gate and pull himself up, climb the stairs and light the bottom torch.
35. Finally click the two torches under the ground near the turbine to light up the whole hapland.

Plays: 5,996
Rating: 4 / 10
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